Wednesday, 4 July 2012

[CLOSED] Review: Lipstick


Please read before you fill out the form!

We need five bloggers to review a lipstick for us, however the criteria is a bit more strict than the hair mask trial.

You must:

-       have had your blog for at least two months
-       post regularly
-       blog about beauty (sorry fashion bloggers!)
-       be comfortable taking pictures of yourself wearing the lipstick.
-       reguarly wear lipsticks.

Please don't apply if you don't meet the criteria.
We also ask that bloggers accepted for the hair mask trial don't apply. We hope to have plenty more trials in the future.


Islay said...

this sounds perfect for me! I filled in the form!


Shona said...

Love lipsticks now :)Difficult to pick between matte, sheer and satin though! x

HayleyInWonderland said...

Ooooh how exciting! I'd LOVE to do this!!


Annie said...

Shame I am doing the hair mask trial so can't do this because it would be perfect for me. Looking forward to seeing the reviews :) xx

Gemma Button said...

As soon as I seen this I filled in the form, I love wearing lipstick and wear it every single day, recently I have been more adventurous with the shades I am using and trying different brands. This would be an amazing opertunity xx

Rebekah said...

don't understand the 'two month' thing, I've had it since the beginning of july but before that I had another one for 3 months, so I haven't had this one for two lol

BBloggers Unite said...

It's just because we had a lot of bloggers apply for the hair mask trial whose blogs were only a few weeks old. The company has asked that the bloggers have a steady stream of posts and that they've been writing for a while - i.e. at least two months.

Pynk Nymphette said...

This is awesome. Love lipstick! Thanks for the opportunity. =]