Monday, 16 July 2012

Guest Post: Dramatic Eyes by Aqeela

Aqeela has a huge passion for makeup and skincare, and loves drugstore products just as much as their high-end counterparts. She loves experimenting with new products, and creating lots of different looks.
Be sure to check out Aqeela’s blog, Aqeela Keela, and her twitter account @Aqeela_K.

Want guidance on this look?
 Here's everything I used to create it.

Here you can see I started off with my lightest colour first. 
I’ve also used this colour around the inner corner of the eye, then my main colour, finishing with the darkest colour. As I work my way towards the outer corner, I have taken the eye shadow above the crease. At the edges I used a slanted brush to get a neat finish. 
Once I had applied all the colours of my choice I used an eye shadow blending brush and blended the colours together. 

Here you can see how  I have applied my eye liner.
  I used MAC Fluidline in ‘Blacktrack’. 
I’ve gone for the double winged eyeliner look as I find when I am doing dramatic eyes this helps create more drama. I’ve also applied a highlighter to my brow bone; it’s amazing how much highlighters can make a difference! 
I finished the eyes off by applying mascara.

For the cheeks I have used the contouring method by highlighting in a 'C' shape starting from above the eyebrow and leading onto the cheekbone. 
Below the cheek bone I have applied the my blusher.

Finally on the lips I used Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in ‘Shortcake’. 
That’s the look complete, hope you enjoyed it. 

What are your thoughts on this look? 
Be sure to send me a picture if you recreate it!

Aqeela x


EmilyGrace said...

The purple looks amazing!! :)

CSG said...

Wish i could do my eye-liner like this i'm still on the basic cat eye look! what eye liner do you use? x

Ellen Hannah said...

Looks amazing, I just can't pull off purple!

Aqeela said...

Purples have been my fav but also at the same tym one of the hardest to find the right shade in, I tried many most I dnt even use I have 3 favs on this one I used violet by MAC, but MUA also do a gorgeous purple only costs a pound! my third fav purple is by I'D. for eyeliner I use MAC Fluidline and apply with a thin point brush, using eyeliner pens are a lot easier or a slanted brush if ya just startin to get the hang of it. Also chek out the looks on my blog xx

Janine said...

Looks very nice!

Avril Jarrett said...

lovely! please follow

Aqeela said...

Thanks for the comment x will follow u now thru gfc wud also love for u to follow me bak xx