Monday, 2 July 2012

BBLOGGERS UNITE: Summer Nail Art Challenge

Hello beauties, 

We’re back with another #BBUchallenge! We loved our last challenge, so we’re back again with a new one. 

 As promised, the new BBU Challenge is a Nail Art Challenge – so get your talons at the ready. 

 The challenge is simple. 

Our theme is ‘SUMMER’, so your nail design should be something summer-y. 

You can interpret it however you like and create something as bold or as reserved as you want. Glitter, 3D, matte, whatever! 

 The challenge prize is a gorgeous OPI Best of the Best set, which include 10 OPI minis worth £28!

 The set includes the following shades:

 As with our last challenge, voting will take place over on our Facebook page once all entries have been submitted. 

 SO. The Rules. 

 Your entry must be posted on your blog with the title: 

“BBLOGGERS UNITE: Summer Nail Art Challenge” 

  Your design must be painted on your nails by yourself. If, for whatever reason, you can’t do your own nails then do it on a friend/relative. No hand drawn designs or nail wheels please. 

  The design must be yours. Nail foils, wraps, press-ons, etc. are not allowed. 

  You must include at least three pictures of your nails – at least one should show both hands.

Designs must be new, you cannot enter a look you have blogged about in the past.

  You must state what products you’ve used to create your design. 

  Your post must link back to our blog ( so your followers can take part too. 

Submissions should be entered via the submission boxes below. Please only enter once. 

 ♥ Under 16’s must have parental permission to take part. 


 Once submissions have been closed, we’ll upload one picture of every entry to our Facebook page. The picture with the most ‘likes’ will be the winner of our challenge. 

 Winner will be announced Friday 13th July 2012 – eek! 

 Stuck? Here’s some inspiration!

Good luck!


BBloggers Unite

PS. Tweet your blog links with hashtag #BBUchallenge so we can keep with all the submissions!

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If submitters have not followed the rules or we feel that votes are being accrued unfairly then BBU reserves the right to disqualify entries.


Roses and Rockets said...

I am so amateur when it comes to nail art but I'll give it a try! Amazing giveaway!

Natalie Roseanne Peploe said...

Oh wow, the polishes are amazing! I will look at designing a look tomorrow:) thank you and good luck everyone! xxx

Annie said...

Such a great competition, I'll defo be entering. Looking forward to seeing everyones designs :) xx

Little Miss Spooky said...

I just entered! Looking forward to seeing the other entries :)

Milly said...

This is awesome, I'm not sure whether to enter as I already have the Best of the Best set, but I can confirm it is indeed a fabulous prize! x

Jia Wun said...

Is this international?

BBloggers Unite said...

It is indeed! Hurry as you've only got 24 hours left to enter! x

Victoria - manicurator said...

I'm SOOO bummed I missed this :) Can't wait till the next one! Dare I suggest another Summer one? xoxoxo