Monday, 18 June 2012

BBLOGGERS UNITE: Red Carpet Makeup Challenge

Hello lovely bloggers,

We’ve decided to run a small BBlogger Makeup Challenge. The choice was between makeup and nails, however makeup got the most votes over on our Twitter page – but fear not nail vixens, our next BBlogger Challenge will be nails and we’ll make sure the prize is a good’un!

So let’s get to it!

The challenge is simple. Our theme is ‘RED CARPET’, so come up with a makeup look with this in mind. You can interpret it however you like and create something as bold or as reserved as you want.

Whilst this is a whole heap of fun on it’s own, we’ve decided to give the winner an amazing prize – so amazing it’ll be difficult to get it out of our grubby little hands!

The winner of BBloggers Unite Red Carpet Makeup Challenge will win:

A Caudalie Beauty Essentials Set worth £20!

To make this completely fair we’ve decided that voting will take place over on our Facebook page once all entries for the challenge have been submitted.

SO. The Rules.

♥ Your entry must be posted on your blog with the title:

“BBLOGGERS UNITE: Red Carpet Makeup Challenge”

♥ You must include pictures of your look on your blog post, with at least one showing your whole face.

♥ You must state which products you’ve used to create your Red Carpet look.

♥ Your post must link back to our blog ( so your followers can take part too.

♥ Submissions should be entered via the submission boxes below. Please only enter once.

♥ Under 16’s must have parental permission to take part.


♥ Once submissions have been closed, we’ll upload one picture of every entry to our Facebook page. The picture with the most ‘likes’ will be the winner of our challenge.

Winner to be announced Friday 29th June 2012.

Stuck? Here’s some inspiration!


source source 

Good luck!


BBloggers Unite

PS. Tweet your blog links with hashtag #BBUchallenge so we can keep with all the submissions!

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amy said...

Wow that's a great prize gonna get creating some red carpet looks

Jesss said...

Ooooh I might have to have a go at this, amazing prize!!


Iram said...

Ooooh this is exciting! Can't wait to give it a try :)


RachelAmy Clark said...

Great Idea!
Off too create some looks & will submit the best! :)

Sal. said...

I have some "red carpet" looks that I'll like to try and this is the perfect opportunity! :)